Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

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Aspire is the first to implement coils that remove the need for a chimney within the tank. The Cleito revolutionary new coil design frees up the airflow by removing the chimney within the tank. This results in direct airflow, which helps greatly boost flavor profiles and create even more vapor than usual.

Genuine Aspire SS316L Temperature Control coils for the revolutionary Cleito Tank.  These coil assemblies have been designed from the ground up to bring vastly improved flavor, wicking, vapor production, airflow, and coil longevity, among other improvements.  The new coil design also gives the Cleito the ability to handle higher power/wattage than it’s Aspire predecessors.  These coils can be used in conjunction with SS316L capable temperature control enabled devices.  In addition, the SS316L coil is designed for use in both Temperature Control mode or Wattage mode when paired with devices capable of both options.


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